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It's no surprise that the creators of Masters of Sexthe acclaimed Showtime series that has just returned for season two, claim as a primary influence the notorious sex scene from Don't Look Now They sat down to watch 50 sex scenes from various movies when making the show's pilot, and this is what they determined, according to an interview :. Michael Sheen who plays Masters loved it.

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Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland play Laura and John, a grieving couple whose young daughter has died in a freak accident. John is an architectural historian and restorer whose work takes him and Laura to Venice — of all the places to go to after your child has died by drowning. Laura is buttonholed by two elderly English ladies, Wendy and Heather played by Clelia Matania and Hilary Masonwho claim to know that their daughter is happy beyond the grave.

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Almost 50 years after the movie first hit cinemas, it is rightly acclaimed as a classic of the genre. The adaptation of a novella by Rebecca author Daphe du Maurier features a grieving couple, played by Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, as they work to restore church buildings in Venice while grieving the death of their daughter in a tragic drowning accident. Midway through the film, the couple have sex, in a sequence Roeg intercuts with quiet images of them calmly getting dressed for dinner.

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By Michael Schulman. The British director Nicolas Roeg, who died last week, at ninety, had a knack for filming nightmarish dread in broad daylight. It tells the story of a married couple, John Donald Sutherland and Laura the surpassingly gorgeous Julie Christiewhose little girl drowns in a lake.

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Only at the very climax does the film let go of its gentle but firm hold on the audience and substitues calm, subtle tension with explicit horror that many, many horror movies make the mistake of basing their strength on. Its strengths lie exactly in the things that make the horror-thriller genre so great: in the ability to frighten, disturb, emotionally devastate and trigger curiosity at the same time, offering abundant pleasure for all senses, especially the two that have always mattered the most in the world of film—the mind and the heart. He was a genius, Nic.

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Every week, we in Her. Released inDon't Look Now was an independent English film that managed to catch on as a huge cult hit. Based on a short story by Daphne du Marnier, the film was critically lauded fo its unique treatment of a very difficult topic.

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Sign in. With an amazing slate of films at the TIFF this year, our experts choose one that stands above the rest. Watch now.

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There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than seeing sex translate well on screen. After watching many actors lock crotches and dance the dance, finding that one scene that stands out above the others is actually quite a hard task! How many times have we seen the classic throw down and mechanical navel fucking that happens so often in modern cinema? Sex is our reason for living.

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Don't Look Now. Nicolas Roeg min. Review Our Score.

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They meet a blind woman psychic who claims to be in contact with their dead daughter and who has dark forebodings about what Venice holds in store for John — at a time when the city is plagued by a series of mysterious killings. Both actors have since demolished the myth. The scene is quite long, lasting for around five minutes, and begins with a comic moment as John sits in the hotel room, working in the nude, and is interrupted by a maid.


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