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They're Out To Get Me. Ulquiorra had just left one of Aizen's meetings. He was totally unimpressed.

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Bleach characters! You have just woken up next to Ichigo…nude! What is your reaction? Hey Gin!

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I believe every Ulquiorra fan has heard by now that Ulquiorra's song is Moonshield, so how about we take a look at the song and use it to get some insight into our favorite espada? This is my own take on the meaning behind this song. I'm the moonshield

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Previous Entry Next Entry. Turning onto his side so his back was to his partner he opened his blearily to look at the small clock by the bed. Fuck its in the fucking morning.

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Orihime Inoue, now a captive of Aizen and his Arrancars, stood, watching from her room, the deep moon of Hueco Mundo. She was draped in their attire, somehow, it made her feel like one of them, even though she didn't want to say it, not wanting to betray Ichigo and the others. She gave a sigh in turmoil.

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This can only happen if the warlords somehow become as retarded as Ulquiorra and stand still watch him fly and nuke them when everyone of them have knowledge on him. Buggy, Moriah and jinbe are kind of useless here but boa can still oneshot him if he gets hit by her arrow, crocodile can disperse him self in las noches desert and can also drain him completely of moisture if his sand tags Ulquiorra but they're all likely to be blitzed so I agree with you for the most part. Kuma can basically teleport and is casually faster than msh characters chances of lanza tagging him are next to zero since lanza ain't fast enough to tag him along with the fact kuma has knowledge on him, bfr not restricted means one touch from kuma seals the deal. Some top tier debate going on here ,lol might as well say lanza or cero isn't enough to beat law also.

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Despite his words, he turned and looked at her expectantly. Instead she opted to gaze intently at her feet, watching her toes furl nervously. He reached again for the door handle, but she quickly moved in front of him and barred the exit with her body.

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Ulquiorra wants Ichigo to look at him with those passionate eyes. That look was special so different from the cold stare Aizen gave. To Aizen everyone was inferior to him, but to Ichigo everyone was an equal even an enemy. Ichigo faced off with Ulquiorra and no matter what he did to Ichigo the boy would stand up.


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