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Melissa Stanger. People tend to get up in arms about the hair under women's arms. Remember what a huge deal some body shamers made about Paris Jackson's hairy pits?

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For every part of me that wants to keep it long as an F-you to what feel like unfair beauty standards, another part — the one that grew up in the 90s and early aughts and was raised on mainstream teen magazines — feels best when I shave it off. I also learned that a lot more women have body hair than is represented in the media, and that I wanted to change that. And celebrating a wider variety of choices seems like an important step in achieving that.

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S ome years ago, I took my clothes off near a group of teenage girls in a swimming pool changing room. They took one look at my naked body and ran, screaming with laughter, from the room. But does her maxim still hold true?

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When I was at university in the UK in the late Noughties, one of the most liberating things about travelling back to my native China for the summer break was not having to worry about shaving. Chinese tradition had no demands in this respect — armpit or leg hair was just part of your body and nothing to be ashamed about. This month, a campaign headed by young female activist Xiao Meili in China asked women to post pictures of their unshaven armpits on the popular social media site Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

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They've ditched their razors and have embraced their body hair. Here, why they love it. There's still a stigma surrounding women and femme-identified folks who don't shave, but has seen a movement toward body hair-pride that's gaining momentum.

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From Frida Kahlo's brows to Miley Cyrus' armpits -- women past and present have proven that body hair can be bold and beautiful. To celebrate with Fischer, we've rounded up images of body hair-positive women flaunting their fabulous fur. In an article introducing the first annual body hair holiday, Fischer explained her reasons for creating the celebratory day.

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And, frankly, no wonder. For an English male art historian of the nineteenth century, steeped in the classical tradition and Italian Renaissance art, the expected female body would surely have been completely hairless. But how did these pictures interact with the way women treated their own bodies?

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In an interview with Bored Pandathe photographer said he was interested to explore why the female armpit hair was such a taboo and wanted to explore the concept of how we perceive beauty in popular culture. Ben Started the project back in And then when I started experimenting in the studio, I realized that this is actually the best way to do it, because it keeps this kind of unified look. And it just works.

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When Amber Rose released her half-naked Slut Walk announcement photo on Instagramit seems the whole internet took a big gasp before launching into a plethora of opposing arguments. You can peep the photo that caused outrage, hereon Rose's Twitter page. The only place deemed acceptable for a woman to have hair seems to be her head and there, the mainstream preference is long, sleek, and straight.

Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. Shaving ads for women have traditionally depicted semi-naked ladies joyously caressing their already hairless legs and underarms with razors. In a sharp departure, razor brand Billie is trying something new: ads featuring naturally hairy women. In it, diverse models in swimsuits sport pubic hair in various styles: from fully grown to clean-shaven.


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